Collection Congado

A counterpoint between tradition and the luxury

The collection “Congado –  Creative Syncretism”, portray the manifestation of culture from Congado of Minas Gerais in a way creative and authentic. Earthy colors are the background and refer to the rooted culture. The fringes and the vibrant tones (golden, red, green, pink and orange) remind the typical instruments, the drumming (batuque), the dance and the faith. A silk muslin and silk satin, with applications of hand embroidered strips, bring delicacy  to the collection. The accessories (earrings, bracelets and tiaras) mention the catholicism, the sacred images and the rosaries.

Work in tiny details, entirely manual, bring the tradition of movement. In addition, counterpoint between tradition and the luxury  portraying, a subliminal way, the syncretism present on it.

Technic File:
Model: Bárbara Dias
Photograph : Mari Prados
Makeup Artist: Babi Reis
Art and editing Director : Alan Lopes
Location: Igreja de São Sebastião das Águas Claras

Fashion Show

Technic File:
Modelos: Bárbara Dias
Carol Groderes
Luiza Cruz
Photograph: Mari Prados
Makeup Artist: Equipe Cacá Zech
Musicians: Leandro Cruz Najar
Lucas Tadeu Moraes Araújo
Lázaro Mariano
Location: Torre Alta Vila