Warehouse Collection

Explores tones and textures, with an air minimalist

In context of Colonial Brazil, the indigenous population  was slaved and obligated to chop wood to commercialize at the European continent. Trading posts were created to store and to facilitate the product shipping. In this scenario, the collection “Warehouse” refers to the deconstruction  of warehouse locations, physical spaces designed to store raw materials, finished or semi-finished products, waiting to be transferred to the following cycle of the distribution chain.

In this perspective, the collection  explores tones and textures, with an minimalist air. The mixture of heavy fabrics, mingled with delicacy  of the transparence, give sensual touch and mondern to the pieces developed in the collection.

Technical File:
Model: Virgínia Gabriel
Photograph: Mari Prados
Art and Editing Director: Equipe Renata Coelho
Location: My Box Self Storage