Collection Foundry

Inspired at the history of Minas Gerais, at “Cycle of Gold” period.

The “Foundry” collection  was inspired in the history of Minas Gerais, more precisely  at the end of seventeenth century and in the first half of eighteenth century, period denominated “Cycle of Gold” (Gold Rush).

This time was marked by the discovery of precious metal at Minas Gerais’s lands and the extraction activities and importation of gold became the main revenue to the country economy.

The name of the collection refers to the foundry houses, places created to control the gold.
The Collection “Foundry” also refers to the wealth generated at that time and to the transformation of the society during the validity of the Gold Cycle. Mixture of colors and textures – uses earthy tones like ochre, red e urucum, besides the metallic like rose, golden and old gold.

The collection also refers to the baroque art  – light and shadow/clear – dark, through the application of the contrast black and white/off-white. It is predominant the manual work (tricot, crochet and embroidery in gemstone bead ), which remit the sudden enrichment of the region of Minas Gerais, with the discovery of  big gold mines and to the miners’s creativity using craft technics, local labour and proper materials.
In the maxi-accessories, the grife address elements that brings back the greatness  and splendor, intrinsic  at the time.

Technic File
Model: Gabriella Rangel
Photograph: Breno Campi
Art and Editing Director: Equipe Renata Coelho